Specialized Services

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Achieve Health and Wellness provides neurologic therapy services for patients with movement or functional skill deficits related to a disease or illness of the nervous system, including, but not limited to:

· Cerebral Palsy
· Traumatic Brain Injury
· Post stroke (CVA)
· Multiple Sclerosis
· Parkinson’s Disease
· Spina Bifida
· Down Syndrome
· Sensory Integration Dysfunction
· Fine motor delay

Neuro-Specific Therapy Services Provided at Achieve:
· Traditional Weekly Therapy
· Modified Intensive Therapy (2 hours/day; 2-3 days/week; 6+ weeks)
· Intensive Physical Therapy (3-4 hours/day; 5 days/week; 3+ weeks)

Axiobionics Wearable Therapy Evaluations and Fittings
Dr. Beth Hubbard, PT of Achieve Health and Wellness, LLC is an Axiobionics Certified Neuroprosthetist, and Achieve is currently one of 2 clinics in the world that is able to evaluate and fit Axiobionics Wearable Therapy products (the other location is AxiobionicHeadquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan).

Wearable Therapy® is Axiobionics'brand of neuroprosthetics that integrates surface electrical stimulation into wearable devices. The patients we help most with Wearable Therapy® are those suffering from long-standing injury, disease, or disability. The patients that seek our help are those that have not responded well to traditional treatments or there is a desire to accelerate the rehabilitation process.

Traditional Therapy Services

Traditional Therapy Services: 

Therapists at Achieve Health and Wellness, LLC work with clients of all ages to improve strength, coordination and balance, as well as relieve pain and restore motion. Below are just a few conditions that the therapists at Achieve Health and Wellness can help address:  

Low back pain Chronic pain Sprains/strains Joint replacement Sports injuries Post CVA Balance Impairments Neurologic disorders Traumatic Brain Injury Difficulty Walking and Falls Risk

Traditional Therapy Services Provided at Achieve:
General Outpatient Physical Therapy: Pediatric and Adult
Auto Injuries
Work Related Injuries